Yiannis Ierokipiotis, Head Baker

Born in 1981 in Nicosia, I left Cyprus to study and discover the world. With a Food Technology and an MBA in hand, I returned to Cyprus and worked in the food industry and specially in the bakery industry. That’s where I began to understand how essential bread is and how important is its role in our diet.

Then, I started to entertain the idea of bringing to the Cypriot community and especially to our children real bread.

In order to turn this idea into reality, I left Cyprus for Germany, and joined The German National Bakers Academy (Akademie Deutsches Backerhandwerk Weinheim). There, I had the opportunity to explore the magical world of artisan bread and work side by side with the best people in the bakery industry.

Once my apprenticeship completed, I returned to Cyprus and founded Wood N ‘Fire Art Bakery back in June 2017. Since then, I have been working relentlessly, leading the Wood N’ Fire team to bring you the best bread and baked goods one can dream of.