Wood N’ Fire Artisan Bakery was created with one idea in mind: bringing back the taste of real bread and real food to the people of Cyprus.

Working for Wood N’ Fire Artisan Bakery is about supporting this vision and bringing it to life.
At Wood N’ Fire, we value the human side of things as all our products are handcrafted. In the same way, we value the people working with us. We are a big family and we want you to be part of it.

We also take pride in using only high-quality ingredients to craft our products as we want to produce the best bread and baked goods possible. In the same way, we believe in working with the best people; we also believe in continuous development and training in order to better ourselves and the people working for us.

We are looking for people who share the same values. If you feel ready to start a new chapter in our life. Come and join the Wood N’ Fire family.

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